This poem is about the tension between different religious groups in our country. Does that tension really exist? How it had started even? Despite being fought together for the most priceless thing the freedom, don’t we know how to live together? There is one person who has been the part of such riots once. Now, […]

That beautiful period!

Hello people! One day I was attending a lecture in my college. And it was kind of numerical oriented subject. I am a type of person who always wants to try and you know adamant as well:) That philosophy applies to that class too. But, I wasn’t able to solve any problem. And I was […]


​this poem is very close to my heart. It’s about two lovers. They fell in love but they end up getting apart from each other. What would have been reasons for that?One of them tries to tell after- effects of broken heart. Maybe all that those eyes can do now is wait only! Find out […]